Thursday, 3 May 2012


I started building my set this last week, its very exciting and theres always a small problem to be thought through. I've learnt about materials as I went so here is a sped up version of the stages. After many hours sawing, discovering a longing for many power tools, and lots of decisions about the overall shape of the space this is where i've got to!

I used a straight saw to cut my base and sides to the right size and a hack saw for the corners.

For my circular platform, where my character will sit overlooking her shop from, I had to use a straight saw to cut the edges of before using the hack saw... It took quite a while...but was very satisfying.

A circle at last.

After gluing my sides on and hammering little nails into place, I steamed a small piece of dowel so that it would bend around my circular platform.

Here are some experiments with polyfilla. I will use it on the floor  to add texture, such as wooden flooring. 

I spent a while cutting out my bay window in thick cardboard, I was worried it wouldn't bend or would lose shape because of the cut window, but it held its shape woo! I nailed it to the base. 

I wanted to create warped and bumpy walls to make it less harsh and more weathered looking, so I glued paper onto the walls in shapes that followed the curves of the walls before covering them with mudrock. I love mudrock its perfect for softening looks and the joins work as wall paper joins.

I mainly include this because of the twinkle on the paintbrush... It was lovely being able to work outside in the sun for a while!

Here I'm polyfilling the floor so that I can scrape in a wood plank effect, which follows the curves of the walls and where I will position the artefacts in the shop. I like the idea of creating a path in the shop and stuffing it full to the brim, in curves. I ran out of filler, so now I'm off to Trago. 

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