Thursday, 26 January 2012

Information Project

This is also part of my information project, a dancer figure which would be attached to a stick to be used with a paper toy theatre. I enjoyed this because it was about 6.5cm tall, and had to be accurate in terms of depicting the costume used in the ballet, 'Elite Syncopations.'

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Book Cover Project: 3D figure

I tried to make his face look troubled and worn-down, as the imaginary book title was, 'Menoirs of a Fool.' I thought he would be chewing over his regrets. He makes me quite sad!

Book Cover Project!

This is from my favourite project set a few weeks back. I think I learnt most from this, I loved using air dry clay. I will need to research different types of clay to find out what type could achieve more detail, and what stop-motion artists might use. I learnt a lot more photoshop too, even though I chose a simple journal-type style, I now find texture more appealing for getting across atmosphere.

I used wire wool for his hair and made a glittery trumpet using wire and clay. Most of all, creating a character was so satisfying, as I love stories!

Information Project

We were set an information project as the last project before we plan our own!

I chose to explore working with clay again, but never having had to make a clay figure who looked like a specific person, it took much longer than I expected! I learnt a lots from this project, mostly that if I ever do more clay portraits, I need to save time for some of the design at the end.