Friday, 16 March 2012

In The Attic

This was a children's book I illustrated earlier in the term, using Hiawyn Oram's poem 'In the Attic.' It was a really exciting project and one of my favourites so i thought I should post it! I decided to interpret 'the attic,' as a huge tree over a house boat. I used oil on paper which was brilliant as I loved the vibrant light you can achieve with it. Although the originals will deteriorate, oil on paper was great as it dried so much more quickly and could be scanned in. I enjoyed painting my glowing character and making the dummy book, I would definitely think about trying a similar style again.

Tatty Project

I've learned a lot in the past few weeks, by making some big mistakes! I created several dummy books for the project, but the mixture of ideas and styles in the book ended up as overcomplicated and confusing. I liked some of the general compositions, so they will be useful. I'm going to move on from this project and use the things i've learnt! I would keep narrative scenes where the character appears, very separate from elements which are 'drawn' or stuck in (photos) by the character, perhaps using inserts. I wouldn't be tempted to add narrative scenes to a book which was planned as a simpler thing, e.g. Tatty's Scrapbook. It would be fun to plan a narrative where I could add props and more action to the photos on location.

These were some visual experiments: